SDK Speed Math Tutor Introduction

Using Vedic Mathematics

SDK Speed Math Tutor is based on Vedic Mathematics. The Vedic approach to complex multiplications was simpler than what modern day teachers have. 

In this interactive course,  the methodology used is designed to improve computational skills among students, based on the methods taught in Vedic Mathematics.

There are both detailed explanations and practice sessions. The practice sessions are tailored to give children more confidence in their own ability to tackle mathematical problems.

The explanations help the student understand a particular method of calculation.
Using mathematics as a tool for improving one's powers of logical reasoning has been accepted by most educationists. 

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Free Speed Math Course Beginner

Using Vedic Mathematics

The Speed Math Course will employ traditional Vedic methods to improve the computational skills of the students.

This is a free course to give an idea on how quickly we can learn the method and see the improvement. Here we cover: 

  1. Complements
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