SDK Speed Math Introduction

1. Introduction

SDK Speed Math Introduction

Know how it helps

Welcome to SDK Speed Math Tutor. A combination of online learning material, video lessons, assignments is an innovative approach to teach speed computation using Vedic mathematics as a course in 30 days. SDK Speed Math Tutor will help the user to increase the calculation speed by 3 to 4 times in addition, subtraction and multiplication. This learning material is designed to help competitive exam aspirants, students, teachers, parents, businessmen, engineers and math enthusiasts.

Speed Math Tutor trains on the methods taught in the Divine Vedas; they are simple and easy to learn. Addition, Subtraction, Tables, Multiplication, Squares and Cubes of numbers are taught in a lucid way. The methods are so simple and help the user to do the calculations in the head.

Speed up Calculations

Increase your calculation ability by 4 to 10 times through SDK Speed Math Tutor. You can achieve this by spending 1 hour a day for 30 days.

How it works

Take a test, Complete eClassroom and eLearning by spending just 30 minutes. Practice after completing the lessons to know the increase in calculation speed.

Join our live sessions

We conduct regular online sessions to clear doubts and share new content. This is done through collaborative learning and make the learning enjoyable.